Journey to Discover U

Your passion can take you wherever you want to go in life! Working with Bernadette on your Journey to Discover U will provide clarity on your dreams and practical steps on how to make your dreams a reality. Her proprietary process, developed from more than 10 years of organizational research, is catered to client needs and covers four areas:

Work with Bernadette

Journey to Discover U is Bernadette’s proprietary process to help her clients put their dreams in action! Developed based on more than 10 years of Bernadette’s academic research, Journey to Discover U empowers individuals and groups to get to the next level of career success.


Work with Bernadette on your Journey to DiscoverU

On your Journey to DiscoverU, coaching is a valuable way for you to explore the possibilities of what your life can be. Through coaching, you can:

  • Clarify your personal desires, wants, and needs
  • Gain insights about who you are and who you want to be

  • Freely explore areas of your life that you desire to change

  • Form new ideas and new perspectives about career, home life, relationships, and more

  • Create the life you want to have

As your coach, I will be committed to supporting your process of discovery. I approach each coaching conversation with 3 beliefs:

  • You deserve to live your best life.
  • For every question or problem you have, you also have a solution within you.
  • You are the captain of the ship—meaning, you know what is best for you.

Coaching Packages

Each coaching client will receive

  • Four

    50-minute coaching conversations with Bernadette

  • Weekly

    Dream Discovery & Needs Assessment Session

  • Operation Discovery

    Weekly Discover U Accountability Worksheets

  • Dreams in Action

    Dreams in Action Lifestyle Plan

  • Unlimited

    Unlimited email correspondence between sessions

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Bernadette will train the staff at your school or organization to implement relevant DiscoverU content using the Journey to DiscoverU framework.

This service comes with:

  • Training session with Bernadette
  • Presentation slide decks
  • Presentation handouts and worksheets
  • Presentation lesson plans (with learning objectives, activity instructions, and slide notes)

Training content is customized to organizational needs

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These are 1-3 hour interactive presentations packed with relevant statistics and practical information about each topic. Participants use worksheets and case studies to understand how the content applies to their own lives. Each person creates personalized plans and strategies to implement for their future career success.


How to Maximize your Success as a New Employee

Recent college graduates and new employees are often unsure of how to navigate organizations and prioritize expectations in order to be successful and be promoted within the organization. This workshop will teach participants about five key areas of organizational life that are important to prioritize and manage in order to have a positive performance review and be considered for promotion. Participants will create a personal plan for progress in the next six months and learn techniques for how to implement their strategy.

Aligning Work with your Life Goals

Pursuing a career is often considered to be at odds with pursuing your life goals. At any given time, individuals are juggling family responsibilities, work assignments, personal commitments, and a myriad of other interests and obligations. This workshop teaches participants how to think about their work in terms of both their personal needs and organizational needs. Individuals create a personal success plan that identifies strategies and ways to work that align with their passion and goals at any life stage. 

Fostering a Culture that Supports Diversity and Inclusion

This presentation shows organizational leaders how to act in ways that support a culture of inclusivity.  Organizations have policies in place that demonstrate their value of diversity but the implementation can be inconsistent. Through this presentation, participants will not only understand the importance of valuing diversity, but will also learn how to speak and act in ways that align with this value.  Addressing topics from ethnic culture, gender, age, ability, and others, participants will learn how to recognize the inconsistencies in our everyday conversations and instead utilize more conscious communication to demonstrate that diversity is a priority at all levels of the organization. 

Developing Millennials: Strategies for Effectively Managing Emerging Millennial Leaders

As the newest generation of workers, it is clear that Millennials have different work-related needs and values than previous generations. This presentation teaches organizational leaders how to better understand and relate to Millennial employees. Participants will learn how the nature of work has changed over time and how this has impacted the ways in which Millennials relate to their employers. In addition, I will identify the key needs of Millennials in the workplace and demonstrate three strategies for effectively managing these employees so they can succeed within your organization.

Take Action on Your Dreams

All young adults need the opportunity to assess their personal strengths and plan for not only what they want to be when they grow up, but whothey want to be and howthey want to impact the world. Starting from the perspective that your career should be an extension of your values, strengths, and passions, this interactive workshop teaches participants how to create their personal mission statement. Once created, individuals will identify the skills and experiences necessary to make their personal mission statement a reality and develop a plan for how to implement strategies within the next 6 months.

Training content is customized to organizational needs

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