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Meet Bernadette


I am Dr. Bernadette M. Gailliard, Founder of Discover U, and I have a confession: I was an over-achiever growing up. I got good grades in school and did everything I was supposed to do to be successful. I graduated from college (American University in Washington, DC, Go Eagles!) and went straight to graduate school—earning my PhD from UC Santa Barbara at 27 years old! Then, I became a Professor at a prestigious research university—seemingly having everything I could want and that I had worked so hard for. But I knew that I was not doing what my heart desired… (Sound familiar?)

I have long known that I was placed on this earth to help create opportunities for women and people of color in business. 

I was doing a form of that as a teacher: preparing young minds for the reality of what the world had to offer, but I knew there was more. That’s when I started speaking and leading workshops for women and young people. I had so much knowledge and experience with the inner workings of the higher education system (having spent 10+ years navigating higher education institutions!), plus I had conducted research about the experiences of underrepresented groups within organizations. I needed to share all of this knowledge and help as many people as possible to pursue their dreams from a more empowered position.

This is how Discover U was born.

I believe that as children and teenagers, we have an innate understanding of ourselves and who we want to be in the world. We create dreams and goals that excite us. We trust that we are capable of being whatever we want to be. Then life sets in—we become bogged down by bills, families, artificial deadlines, and other responsibilities—and we leave our dreams behind. I created Discover U to help you connect with your inner passions and dreams and to figure out how to pursue them no matter where life takes you.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life, helping everyone to DISCOVER her or his personal mission and pursue their passions relentlessly!

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